KITs Projects

As a member of Club JameCo, 7 kits have already been developed; 3 are still for sale, and an 8th kit is now in development.

Do-It-Yourself KITs {still} for Sale at JameCo Electronics:

#2259817: "groLEDs":
Computer Controllable, Adjustable Broad Spectrum, High Brightness "grow 50-LEDs-Lamp" KIT
Recent News
A new kit development has been started, called the "OctiWave-Lite". The Club JameCo project number is 21580. It is an 8-channel SquareWave Generator with "ZAPPER" driver options. This is a "work" in progress. The 4 PDF's below present technical information as it now exists:
gustech17007004.jpg gustech17007003.jpg gustech17007002.jpg
#225881: "LiBaC":
Lithium Ion Battery Charger Kit
Designed to recharge any Li Ion Cell using 5 switch-selectable charging rates
#2259489: "LELTx5":
Lithium-Polymer 5-channel Electronic Load Test Kit
Designed for those who use various Li Ion Cell and Battery technologies for acquiring performance characteristics.
groLEDs Sales Slick
LELTx5 Functional Overview
OctiWaveLite BRIEF description
OctiWaveLite Block Diagram
OctiWaveLite PC Board Layout Views