Kelsey Stout Intellectual Property
Kelsey Stout can be reached at or by phone: 415-237-3896. He prepared and filed the DESAC Utility Patent - GREAT JOB; I highly recommend him and his work.
The high performance sonar range finder used in the DESAC sensor transmitter test modules (preferred embodiment of the invention in the Utility Patent Application) were various models of the MB10x0 family as defined in the "LV-MaxSonar-EZ_Datasheet.pdf".
RF Digital
Used in both the Sensor-Transmitter and Receiver-Caller Modules of the DESAC {preferred embodiment of the invention), RF Digital's RFD21733 is an easy to use, no software required, 2.4GHz Transceiver Module with built-in RFDP8 interference-tolerant user application protocol, 32 Bit ESN, Logic Switch interfaces. Complete Compliance Approved and Certified; no coding, no RF layout; did I mention "easy to use".
mb1040%20picture.jpg rfd21733%20radio%20pictures.jpg
The DESAC {Doorway Entry Sentry Auto Caller} contains two different "enabling" technologies: the Sensor from MaxBotix and the (no software required) Radio Module from RF Digital. More about these important DESAC components can be found at: