DESAC Project {Patent Pending}
The Doorway Entry Sentry Auto Caller is an after-market "automatic CALL BUTTON" designed to enhance the safety of many wheelchair-bound residents prone to falling while transferring without assistance in many types of Senior Living Facilities; calling for assistance before help is actually needed. It functionally appears as though the resident physically pushed their bedside, cabled call button for a constant 10 seconds; all done completely automatically.
JameCo KITs
GUSTECH has developed several do-it-yourself KITs over recent years; and, some are still being sold by JameCo Electronics. Still being sold are: "groLEDs"; the "LELTx5" which is a 5-channel LiPo-Cell Electronic Load Tester; and the "LiBaC", a generic Li-Ion Cell Charger. Being developed is the "OctiWave-Lite" kit, an 8-channel user-programmable square-wave generator.
GX64 Development Board
The GX64 is a new, full-featured, generic Test Platform Board for Xilinx's XC2C64A CPLD, including integrated multi-voltage power supply, on-board oscillators, POR, 31 (of 33) I/O lines in two banks with any of 3 voltage standards per bank, spare switches-buttons-LEDs, JTAG, and more...
NOTE to visitors:
Thank you for visiting this Projects Page. You will note that none of my clients' projects are depicted here due to NDA's. These projects are all self-funded, recent developments; and, yes, they are all for sale. The kits are available from JameCo Electronics. The Patent-Pending DESAC is available for licensing and or full purchase of all IP. If you are interested in the GX64, contact me.
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