GUSTECH provides contract, green-telecommuting, electronic hardware design services.

Tom Gustin, since 1976, has been creating a broad spectrum of electronic hardware engineering solutions in many markets. Since 1996, dba GUSTECH, Tom has provided contract telecommuting engineering services to many dozens of different clients and customers in most markets as a temporary addition to various engineering teams, providing a wide range of design, development, rapid-prototyping, and testing services, including printed circuit board design, prototype-run assembly, and contract manufacturing preparation services. Tom is still actively creating various very low-power wireless sensor prototypes, some featuring VHDL-based CPLD designs, including the "DESAC" and other future products for other clients.
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Recent News
GUSTECH and Kelsey Stout Intellecutal Property are pleased to announce the filing of the Utility Patent Application #15822064 on 24Oct17 for the "Doorway Entry Sentry Auto Caller". See the Projects Page for more details.
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